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The term creative writing contains the essential thing you need to be to make your essay great – creative. There are plenty of creative ways to write an essay, but not even the most brilliant authors can craft such content whenever told. This is why we get constant requests for creative writing help.

When your creativity seems to fail you and you can’t write the creative essay you’re assigned, remember that you are just one of the many. Most academic essays are objective, highly academic, and factual. To write them, you need research and writing skills, and just a bit of creativity. But, for creative essays, you need every bit of creativity you can find.

We all know that this isn’t always an option for a person, especially not for one who’s constantly burdened with tasks and obligations. Students are faced with numerous and daily academic burdens, which makes them least likely to always have their creativity juices flowing.

Creative Writing Assignments

You can always look at some creative writing essay prompts and learn from example, but you still won’t be able to write a creative paper unless you feel creative. Even so, we do have some tips for you to use if your task is for a creative writing essay.

  • Consider your reader

Who will the reader of your creative writing essays be? Think about that reader and what he wants or needs. This will help you gain some creativity that will get the reader interested. It’s more of a purpose. Having a purpose and a goal to impress a target reader will boost your motivation and help you find your way to start the essay.

If the reader is an instructor or a lecturer, try to answer their question and follow their instruction. Since the task is to be creative, try to think of the obvious answer they’ll expect and surprise them with something original and unique.

It’s not really hard to think of what most students will write in their essays if the instructor has set a question you have to answer. Just try to avoid it, let your creativity guide you, and you can pique their attention.

  • An inviting introduction

An introduction that grabs the attention is crucial for the success of a creative essay. Your entire essay will depend on how well you do this part, so you should definitely focus most of your efforts to the opening.

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Creativity begins in the introduction. Once you reel them in, you can turn the story into a deeper piece or maintain the style you used to write the introduction. Regardless, your opening lines and introduction must be attention-grabbing.

  • Use the three-act structure

Have you heard of the three-act structure? This is a device creative writers used in their writing. It refers to the following elements:

  • A set up that will establish the characters and their relationships, as well as the setting.
  • A confrontation or a plot, which is the part where the story creates a central problem and all the main characters are included in it.
  • A resolution or climax where the confrontation is resolved, the drama finds its end, and everything is cleared up.

Naturally, you’re writing a creative essay and not a movie or a story, which is why you’d have to tweak this structure to fit academic writing. You can always replace the main characters with your central arguments, the setup with the introduction, the confrontation with the argument development, and the climax with the conclusion.

  • Use metaphors

Creative writing often includes metaphors. These are the signature of creative writers, an element that makes every content sound more original and more creative.

To show how creative you are, enrich your writing with some metaphors to achieve comparison, convey meaning, or create a picture with the help of your words.

  • Make it descriptive

A creative essay is often descriptive by nature. If you want to show some creativity, bring the essay to life. Use some details to describe the characters, location and settings. This will give you a creativity boost and help the reader understand your essay better.

  • Keep a creativity journal

If your instructors like creative writing too much and grade it highly, it’s never a bad idea to keep a journal of your good creative ideas. Just note them down in your phone or your notebooks. This way, when the instructor decides to assign another creative writing task, you’ll have some topics ready.

How to Edit a Creative Writing Essay

You can’t really edit a creative essay on your own. You can write a first and a second draft, read and re-read your essay to find the errors. However, if you want to see if your essay truly appeals to the audience, you need someone to read it and let you know how well you did.

Creativity can sometimes be confusing for others or make you write in an unclear or unconnected manner. Make sure to spend some time on editing to make this perfect.

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