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When instructors assign a book report essay, they expect you to do a couple of things. The first thing, of course, is reading the book. Then, you have to provide one of the three types of reports – a plot summary, a theme analysis, or character analysis.

No matter if you’re asked to write a high school book report or college book report, the goal is always the same – to train you and let you express your individual opinion on the book. But, despite the fact that many believe a book review essay is the same as a report of that same book, they are very wrong.

Before we get into the difference between book review and book report writing, let’s discuss the details of writing a report.

Book Reports Writing

To write a book report, you must know the elements this task combines. No matter what the instructions or the book is, every book report writer must include the following elements:

  • The type, genre, and title of the book you’re writing a report on
  • Who the author of the book is
  • When the book was published and where
  • Where the events in that book took place
  • When the events in that book took place
  • The most relevant characters and a description of each
  • Your standpoint and evidence that supports it (quotes, anecdotes, paraphrases, etc.)

Naturally, different college or high school book reports will vary in terms of specification. Let’s take a look at your choices.

  • Plot Summary

A plot summary means exactly what it sounds like – summarizing a book’s plot. But, despite the obvious purpose, the process of summarizing the plot isn’t all that simple. When writing a book report based on the plot, you can’t just re-tell the story the author shared with his audience. That is included in the report, but it’s only a little bit of what your task here really is.

The second and also, very important part of the report is your commentary or opinion on the book. This part lets you demonstrate that you’ve understood the book enough to discuss and comment on it. It also means that you read it carefully and have created an opinion of it. Your task in the report is to tell the reader about the effect it had on you.

Surely, just speaking of your opinion won’t really make for a good report. You must back your claims with examples and quotations from the book.

  • Character Analysis

Once again, you’re looking at a self-explanatory name of a report type. But, even if you think that focusing on a single character is much simpler, it can actually be very complicated.

The idea is to choose a character from the book and focus your reading and your report on that character. This doesn’t just include his appearance or behavior, but also the interactions he has with other characters in the book, the influence he has on the events in the book, as well as your opinion about the character.

In a character analysis, you can’t just tell people what the character’s name, purpose, or appearance is. You need to speak of how other characters perceive him, his traits and personality, how he acts in specific situation, what is his role and effect on the story in the book, how he speaks to others, what are his attentions, etc.

  • Theme Analysis

Finally, there’s the book report kind that focuses on the theme instead of the characters or the plot. This type of student book review or report is equally complicated. Why? Because your goal here is to find a theme and explore its progress throughout the story. You need to look at different aspects and share your point of view.

For most, this is the hardest kind of book report writing. However, it is also the one that gives you most flexibility, since you can take an individual approach to a theme analysis.

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Student Book Review vs. Book Report

Book review writing might be similar to that of writing a report, but it is definitely not the same. There’s a significant difference between the two. A report is, by nature, simpler in structure than a review. It also doesn’t require the same depth when you analyze the text.

When you’re writing book review, you have to analyze the story in details. Unlike a report where you can re-tell the story or at least the general information, a review cannot reveal any details. The idea behind a student book review is to bring some light to the audience after the author has read the story.

On the other hand, the report shares details about the plot, theme, or characters. It presents general information like the title and author’s background, without putting any special focus on the depth of the book. However, a report still should include some statements about the impressions the author has after reading the book. This is the part that’s most similar about the two paper types.

Overall, a report explains the book’s purpose and the author’s background, while a review analyzes the ideas and themes in depth and more critically.

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