May 24, 2019

Article Writing

Article review is a summary, but also an evaluation of the work of another author. This makes it a highly beneficial task for a student since it introduces him to other people’s work in the field or subject they are learning. The sole fact that it’s a research and evaluation task boosts the critical thinking and research skills, while the writing task is quite obvious – it teaches the student academic writing and expression.

But, even though a research article review is beneficial in many ways for a student, it can also present a challenge. Depending on when and how it is assigned, a student can have struggles with reviewing another person’s article due to lack of time or any other reason.

If you are new to article reviews, you probably know little about their structure and the approach you need to take to review work of a professional. At such times, you can only ask for article writing help if you want to meet the deadline and impress with your skills.

Tips for Writing an Article Review

For an accurate and clear summary of an article, the author must understand all arguments and key points. Moreover, the task is to evaluate the theme, the characters, the arguments, the plots, and even give implications and recommendations for future research.

The purpose of an article is to share a summary and criticize, positively or negatively, an author’s article for an audience that has knowledge of the subject matter. Therefore, you must also be familiar with the subject of study of the article’s writer, his work, and the field of the study.

If this sounds like a lot to you, you need an articles writing service. But first, let’s go through the short list of tips for writing an article review:


  • Choose a topic


You might be asked to choose an article and review it, or select a topic that you’ll use to review a specific article. Yes, both these options are possible. When the professor assigns an existing article, it is your job to find the angle you’ll use to review it. The review must summarize the article but choose a specific topic to discuss and a point of view you have on the matter. Therefore, once you choose or are given an article to review, start by reading it and try to come up with the angle of your content.

  • Write a rough draft

A rough draft is exactly what you need to summarize an existing article. You can’t focus on every detail at first. Surely, an article review must focus on some details and present a unique view of point on behalf of the author. However, you should leave this part for the following drafts and just ‘go with the flow’.

  • Think of the audience

Whenever you’re reviewing something, you should aim it to the audience. Think about it – who is your audience for the article you have to review? Based on this, you will know what language to use, what questions to answer, and how to approach the author’s work.

  • Don’t reveal too much

Your goal isn’t to rewrite the work of the person who wrote the article. Try not to reveal too much. The review should summarize the key points, but not go into details. Some of the readers, probably most of them, won’t have read the actual article before they read your review. Your review should share a point of view, not re-tell the entire story.

  • Research the article

Don’t just focus a review on your reading of the article. Get back to it and perform some research. Check the author’s history and background, see if there are any reasons why he chose to write on that topic and how he did it, and then go back to the actual work. Once you do, take your notepad and start writing down statistics, important definitions, anecdotes, quotes, examples, references, etc.

  • Strengthen your draft

Use all that research data and notes you’ve gathered to strengthen the draft you wrote. The research should have given you enough time away from your writing, so now you should be back to the editing parts. This isn’t simple, especially not with an article review draft that’s based solely on your general opinion.

Read the draft as carefully as you read the original article. See what works and what doesn’t, eliminate and add new information. The article must be informative, but not too informative. It must be academic, but clear enough for everyone to understand it.

Finally, go through the list below to see if it is flawless:

  • Did I include all the steps?
  • Is the information flow and order logical?
  • Did I use transition words and phrases between the paragraphs?
  • Did I entice the readers to check my review in the introduction?
  • Did I reveal too much or too little?
  • Did I share my opinion on the article?

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