5 Top Wedding Venue Entertainment Ideas To Consider

5 Top Wedding Venue Entertainment Ideas To Consider post thumbnail image

Holding a wedding without any fun and glamor will only make your guest feel bored. The good news is that you got tons of ideas for entertainment to adopt in your Uluwatu wedding venue. Some of them might turn into an icebreaker, fun mingles times, or simply adding something to do. To help you plan the most eventful party, here are some entertaining ideas to try.

Some Of The Most Fundamental Entertainment For Your Big Day

  1. Live Band, DJ, And Sax

The classic, simple, and common options might sound boring. But, it is also the best and safest pick you can use. Ask your venue whether they can invite a professional live band, Dj, or Sax players. You can customize the performance, such as requesting music or looking for one that fits the theme.

  1. Local Culture Performance

Since Uluwatu is in Bali, why don’t you ask for a local cultural performance? Bali is filled with majestic dances, performances, and entertainment. You can give something unique as well as authentic during the procession. How about Kecak Bali, Legong, or fire dance? Pick the one that will fit the Uluwatu wedding venue theme.

  1. Karaoke

Just like the live band and DJ, karaoke is not only entertaining but also engaging. You can use a karaoke machine or ask the live band to invite a certain guest to sing. You don’t need a huge place for this one. Attendance that wants to dedicate the song can stand in a smaller podium and make a touching or fun performance.

  1. Bonfires and S’more

For a more casual wedding, the night party with s’more and a simple bonfire can make your guest stay. In this case, you got to ask for the venue manager’s permission. If the venue says yes and can provide help, it will be a moment for the day. With the serene Uluwatu vibe, the relaxing and cozy fire will add a certain event to remember.

  1. Fireworks

If you want some surprise and romantic touch in it, you can always ask the Uluwatu wedding venue for fireworks. Again, a stunning firework display can emphasize your milestone to reach adulthood. It would be a perfect part of the end party or the after the vow. But remember to get a license and permission for the blasts.

Most of the options listed are pretty easy to realize. You can discuss with the venue manager if the ideas are possible or not. At some point, you might also find that the options are part of your wedding package. Whatever you are ended with, entertainment will be a vital part of your party. So, don’t miss it.

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